An Evening Of Dance

Wouldn’t you let me hold your hand if you happen to stumble or hold mine if I do, for we are all flawed humans trying to make sense of our imperfections?


All the words left unsaid, all the places left unexplored, all the feelings left to express; lined up one by one into the drafts.

Life Of A Breath

It is always about the priorities, they say. Sometimes its about the emotions that drive you away. It is said, its always the bigger things that matter, Small things are tucked under them as the latter. The little mistakes here and there that you rue, Stick to your past with the strongest glue. It’s about…

The Orphan

Sometimes you don’t value what destiny has already rewarded you with. The more you have, the less you care. That is why sometimes you need to lose what you have so you can realize what you had, and appreciate what you get. Some great man once said that “there is no better teacher than time”. I add to it “and no better lesson than absence of something.”