Coffee and Reveries


I see you sitting across the coffee table, lost in your thoughts, unaware of the secret romance going on between your hair and the mild autumn breeze. My fingers instantly get jealous of the way the wind caresses your hair and brings to me the souvenirs of this affair as a whiff of your perfume which sends a shiver down my spine. I see you occasionally breathing deeply, your breath bringing about swift movements in the pages of the open book kept under your nose. Even the pages stretch themselves and tremble with love under your warmth.

I sit and observe the little changes your presence brings in your surroundings, all without you even noticing. Tell me how can a person be so irresistibly charming and yet so oblivious of the power they hold? Tell me how can one add up to the perfection of this world with their imperfections? Tell me how?

All these answers lie in front of me on that coffee table. They are in the passionate stretches of those otherwise dull pages, in the wild romance of your gorgeous sun-kissed hair and the playful warm breeze. I look at you and I find myself going weak in the knees and I feel my heart fluttering like a newly hatched butterfly. I feel myself falling deeper in love with you.

Even though you are not made up with what they define beauty and perfection, you have eyes that hold in them an entire universe, you have a face which would take anyone’s breath away if they traverse through its contours, you have a smile that could be a poet’s muse. I could go on and on about how bewitching all your words sound, how entrancing it is to just look at you and lose myself in daydreams.

I think about how life would be with you when all the worldly charm has left our bodies, when all our colorful hair have turned to grey. I want this passionate, crazy love to live among us as long as we do. Love me so enchantingly that when we are a two people army, old and fragile, we will hold each other tight and sway to the melodies we once used to love, back when we were young and bubbly. Hold me such that my weak knees don’t make me trip over my own feet and look at me such that it takes me back to the days of our young, crazy romance, where your eyes loved the companionship of my flowing hair and wide smile.

You snap a finger in front of my eyes and it breaks my reverie, bringing me back to reality and I realize myself smiling goofily at you. You ask me about my thoughts but unable to justify them through mere words, I shrug and say nothing. We get up to leave and I feel a sense of peacefulness evade all my stress as you hold my hand and the mild breeze cuddles us lovingly.

In that moment, I know that this is all I’ll ever need, that you are where my happiness lies.


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