Ode to Love

My love,
crumble yourself,
doubt yourself,
be a better version of yourself.
Question everything
let yourself be open
to words and wisdom
to criticism and everything else
that makes you believe
you can be better
than this.
Be at peace
with yourself and your surroundings
for life is a maze of noises;
useful and useless ones.
And one can only find their way out
if they watch
and hear closely
to the sounds that matter.
The ruffle of leaves,
the blood flowing in arteries,
the whisper of regret,
the loud words that happiness said,
the soft lullaby
of a tree.
Or the tip-toeing rhythm
of a storm.
Absorb it all.
Take the fall.
Accept yourself
as you are.
And in the end,
when you’ve come to a conclusion,
come to me.
I will wrap you in love and memories;
happy memories.
So in the end,
if you change a little
or even
I will love you,
all over again.

~ Ode to Mi Amor


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