Memories and Hopes

“Lips. Soft as cotton. Planting kisses on the length of my spine, bringing goosebumps along the way. Fingertips. Light as feathers. Making me lose sense as they trace rivers on my nerves. Touch. Magical as fiction. Healing me inside out with every stroke on my entire body Skin. Smooth as porcelain. Sparking fire in the…

Vines and Deceits

“Life grows in places we humans have long abandoned. Places we left after using them for our own good. Chop a tree and tiny plants will sprout there, sever a branch and it shall grow back again. If you actually look at it, Nature is indestructible. No matter how much we handicap it day after…

Sunburns and Cigars

“The sun burns his face like a match lights up a cigar, smoke wraps his face like the turban around his head, and he stands there callously, beads of hope and long forgotten youth tied around his wrists.”

Summer Days

“Wrinkled by time and life, her experiences shine brightly through those Kohl-rimmed eyes, giving out the memories of a bright summer day when happiness meant sharing a simple meal with a beloved under the shade of a lone mango tree.”


I open my eyes to the scattered sun rays entering my room through the giant windows. I get up lazily and look around and my gaze falls on the date marked on my calendar. “24th June” is encircled with a red marker. I suddenly recall that it’s Bhaiya’s birthday today! I hurriedly get out of…