Vines and Deceits

“Life grows in places we humans have long abandoned. Places we left after using them for our own good. Chop a tree and tiny plants will sprout there, sever a branch and it shall grow back again. If you actually look at it, Nature is indestructible. No matter how much we handicap it day after…

Burdens of Being

“In the wide ocean of the blue sky, stars shines bright, giving life to the lifeless, except for that lone, stranded tree that stands burdened with the tests of time, hurt by the cruel mankind, and the fragile branches that ache for the touch of an innocent, young hand.”

Beards and Billions

“He stands there, bathed in sun, with all his experiences hidden in his grey beard, achievements speaking their stories through his wrinkles, and lessons twinkling in his eyes like a billion star galaxy.”

Of Blank Memories and Shooting Stars

The sky is blank today. Like a white page dipped into black ink, waiting for a sprinkle of white paint to make it alive. But, the sky is blank today.┬áIt has no stories to tell, no stars to join, no breeze to enjoy. It is as still as a motion picture that has been paused…


I open my eyes to the scattered sun rays entering my room through the giant windows. I get up lazily and look around and my gaze falls on the date marked on my calendar. “24th June” is encircled with a red marker. I suddenly recall that it’s Bhaiya’s birthday today! I hurriedly get out of…

An Evening Of Dance

Wouldn’t you let me hold your hand if you happen to stumble or hold mine if I do, for we are all flawed humans trying to make sense of our imperfections?