Midnight Dilemmas

There was something about her on which I couldn’t really put a finger on that didn’t let me sleep for nights at length. It was the good times that we had spent together that came in rushing like a wind and brought down my wall that I had built with so much difficulty to keep her away.

No, it was not my fault. Yes, she was the one to free our knot of love and friendship. But yes, she still, to this day wrecks havoc in my mind.

There’s something about her that keeps bothering me. Making me relive all the times we lived together and all the conversations we had and the secrets we shared so I could find one place where I must’ve gone wrong.

But this empty, horrid void stares back at me with numbing nothingness, painted with her recent carefree smiles. I plunge again into the darkness hoping to find a way out of this mind-jail.

I go through every detail again, one by one by one.

Maybe it is the sound of my entire heart shattering to bits and pieces that prevents me from putting a finger on that something, or a simple yet foreign fact to my understanding that some people can burn you piece by piece and grow gardens out of those ashes and build their happy castles on where your grave lies.


Watch Closely


Are you watching closely,
The wind that blows?
It could be coming from a galaxy,
Neighbouring close.

Are you watching closely,
The shape of the clouds?
It could be coming out
From the chimney of God’s house.

Are you watching closely,
The rain that falls?
It could be the resultant tears
Of Adam and Eve’s brawl.

Are you watching closely,
The grass in the farms?
It could be the goosebumps
On mighty earth’s arms!

Are you watching closely,
When lightning hits the ground?
It could be the opening portal
For the spirits that roam around.

Are you watching closely,
The ravaging twister with mighty rings?
It could be an oversized spinning top
Spinning loose from its strings.

Are you watching closely,
The ants on the ground?
We could be the ants
For creatures not yet found.

Are you watching closely,
The hollow trunk of a tree?
Peek inside and you might find
An unbelievable, breathtaking story.

Existence of a parallel universe.
Does it ring a bell?
Don’t worry if it twists your mind and thoughts,
Because it twists mine as well.