Baring Bodies

But darling, let’s not hurry just yet. Let us sit across, cross-legged, and untangle each other. Let us strip away each other’s guilts, regrets, everything that weighs us down. Let us caress our changes and marks that our body has bore over time. Let us not go to bed tonight. Instead, make love with our…

Offline Windows

“There are going to be times when you are going to find some greenery in a random wall crack, or a crack in the lush green bushes that you walk by; a window in your heart for all the bright places, or you’re going to find a stranded heart hung on a cracked, deserted window.”

Memories and Hopes

“Lips. Soft as cotton. Planting kisses on the length of my spine, bringing goosebumps along the way. Fingertips. Light as feathers. Making me lose sense as they trace rivers on my nerves. Touch. Magical as fiction. Healing me inside out with every stroke on my entire body Skin. Smooth as porcelain. Sparking fire in the…

Proud Yellows

“In a world full of divides and boundaries and cynicism, she was, a human. Devoid of free speech, starved of choices, beaten blue by the shrewd minds, she found her escape in words. No, not loud. Soft as whispers, but powerful like hurricanes. She would weave her imaginary worlds in between coarse pages, and in…

Vines and Deceits

“Life grows in places we humans have long abandoned. Places we left after using them for our own good. Chop a tree and tiny plants will sprout there, sever a branch and it shall grow back again. If you actually look at it, Nature is indestructible. No matter how much we handicap it day after…

Lush Green Neems

“Sitting here milking this cow, my thoughts trace themselves back to the time when these same hands held soft, tender palms, these eyes shone as bright as the sun, and these lips gave out promises of the moon and the stars and the entire galaxies. Now, these eyes just wander aimlessly, searching the lush green…

Sunburns and Cigars

“The sun burns his face like a match lights up a cigar, smoke wraps his face like the turban around his head, and he stands there callously, beads of hope and long forgotten youth tied around his wrists.”

Fuss of Messing

“Her mushy eyes and stained lips got covered under the layers of foundation and accessories, but the way she messed her brownie gave away the scattered bits of her anxiousness that were brimming on the edge.”

Brownies and Brown Eyes

“Life is not always about heartbreaks and betrayals. Often, it’s about eating a brownie which makes you recall times from your teenhood. And you think about a pair of brown eyes that held promises of the moon and the stars and you go weak in the knees, again.”

Conversations Over Therapy

Your life has to be your priority. You talk to other people about mental health but forget to look after your own. You ask other people to open up but hide behind hesitation yourself. You can’t teach one thing and do the other. You have to embrace who you are. Let it be broken. Let…